Property Insurance Claims in Frisco, TX

Property Insurance Claims in Frisco, TX

At CJJLH Inc, claims consulting and adjusting is the core of our business. As our client, we help you with your property insurance claim objectively focused on detail and customer satisfaction. Handling EGA level to average magnitude losses, our dedicated professionals will provide you with worthwhile solutions to settle your claims quickly and efficiently.

Because of our experience, we hold the competence to understand the individual client requirements and respond to claims situations of any magnitude at any time. Our attention to detail makes us the go-to professionals motivated to deliver a timely detailed property loss report using Xactimate estimating, and 3D immersive interior scoping all designed to increase the customer experience and satisfaction.

Property insurance claim services being provided in Frisco, TX

CJJLH Specializes In

  • Damage Estimating for residential and commercial properties that have suffered because of water damage, storm, flood, fire, wind, hail, snow, blizzards, hurricane, tornado, vandalism, theft, and loss of use
  • Virtual 3D Interior Scoping raising the bar in quality and detail of interior damages. Our immersive 3D scan (click for example) provides an unsurpassed claim experience. Building dimensions are accurate to the inch, material quality and quantity are easily viewable and the need for reinspection's are greatly reduced. Scans also aide in contents inventory verification. Virtual meetings between the carrier, insured and contractor can be conducted eliminating disputes without the need of reinspection's reducing timely claims handling and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • ITV (Insured to Value) Calculations to determine property values with accuracy. Our immersive 3D scan (click for example) can be used in the underwriting process to provide clarity of the potential risk.

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