At CJJLH Inc., our in-depth knowledge of appraisals is our strength in assisting clients. Our expert adjusters represent insurance carriers and insureds in residential and commercial losses, helping them in the appraisal process to determine a fair estimate and resolve disputes concerning the identified scope of damages.

We help our clients expedite the claims process and concentrate on claims handling. With us assisting you, the challenges arising in the scope of damaged property can be quickly resolved, and the need for possible litigation is kept at bay.

About Appraisals

An appraisal is the objective estimation of a scope of damage so that the relative loss can be evaluated with accuracy. It involves the resolving of property insurance claim disputes that crop up between the insurer and insured regarding the scope of repair to the damaged property. In short, it is a contractual process that helps in resolving valuation issues.

With a commitment to integrity, CJJLH Inc. offers impartial and competent appraisers for residential and commercial property losses. We do not appraise causation, coverage of unfair, deceptive acts or practices, unfair competition, or liability. Our services are an alternative to costly Public Adjusters. As licensed adjusters, we evaluate the estimated damage and its value without disputing coverage.